I talked in a previous article about recent licencing changes to Azure DevOps, but did not mention Azure Artifacts.

Here Microsoft has finally moved to a billing model where users are charged for how much space their packages take up on the managed package server.

This is great news for bigger teams and will hopefully help people adopt this managed alternative to hosting your own package management solution and make it more competitive .

(opens in a new tab)”>Pricing ->

What? You mean it wasn’t always charged by “storage used”

No it wasn’t. Back when it was still “Package Management” and some time into its early life as “Azure Artifacts”, the product had unlimited storage but used a user licence model.

Everyone who wanted access had to buy an add-on licence on top of their existing Azure DevOps licence.

The only exception were Visual Studio Enterprise (formerly MSDN Enterprise) subscribers who got the add-on thrown in for free.

You can still find traces of this previous licencing model on the marketplace page. Now that the model has changed though customers that use TFS 2017 or higher can grant the add-on licence without having to actually buy it.