I started learning Unity in 2015 and thought it would be a good opportunity to finally carry on and finish the Maya project.
Maya – The City States follows the same concept as Rise of a Civilisation. The player builds a city over several missions, discovering new technologies and buildings over time.

Missions will require the player to build wonders, achieve score goals, defend, or wage war against other city states. Several missions are tied together into a campaign. Every campaign is set in a different city state.

The game also includes a sandbox mode (similar to what was included in the latest version of Rise of a Civilisation).
The City States does not reuse any assets from the previous game, which meanst that everything has to be done from scratch, which is why development will still take quite a while before a first playable demo can be made available.


Go to Maya – Rise of a Civilisation, which is one of my university projects, created during Year 1 of my degree