Rise of a Civilisation

Ancient Mayan cultures has always interested me rather a lot. For my programming project during my first year at university, I chose to create a Mayan City Building Game similar to great classics like Caesar or Pharaoh.

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System Requirements

Operating System: any operating system capable of running Java 4
Processor: Intel Core Duo or comparable
Graphics Card: OpenGL compatible
RAM Memory: 512 Megabytes
Disk Space: 40 Megabytes

This game requires Java Version 4 or higher.
Update your Java Runtime today… Download it from java.com

How to install

The installation of Maya – Rise of a Civilisation is very easy. Just extract the contents of the zip file into the folder of your choice and do one of the following:

  • On Windows open the Maya folder in Explorer and double click Maya.exe
  • On Mac OS X open the Maya folder in Finder and double click Maya.app
  • On Linux open the Maya folder in your File Browser and run the Maya script to start the application.

More Information

View the game manual as a pdf.
I am rebuilding Maya in Unity as “Maya – The City States”


Music by
Firesong Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”

Maya was programmed using
Processing, which uses Java, brought to you by Oracle (Sun)

Eveything in the game apart from the music was created by Daniel Stocker

Special Thanks go to:

Sierra On-Line for creating Pharaoh and Caesar the obvious inspiration for this game
Wavefront technologies for developing the obj. Format
My family and friends for coping with my weird behaviour after long nights of coding,
their feedback and their support…