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no longer available

The aim of Speak-Up is to provide a platform for blogging and exchanging ideas as well as presenting photos and videos.

It is capable of integrating YouTube videos into discussions with a convenient hide/show interface. Users can make use of the popular board codes such as [IMG] or [B] to format their posts.

In Version 2.0 Speak-Up underwent a large number of changes. Users are now able to create their own discussion boards, style them the way they like and connect them to their website.

There is also a range of features concerning the ways users can connect with each other on Speak-Up. The search feature has been completely rewritten. The photo albums have also undergone a number of changes, making them easier to handle and packing them with a few new features.

Screenshots of the current version

speakup speak-up speak-up-start-screen

Screenshots of older versions

speakup1 speakup2 speakup3

laby256Laby NG

Laby is a fairly simple game which I wrote in Java while I was at university.

The NG stands for “Next Generation”, because I made a similar game called Laby some years prior. In 18 different levels split across 4 different stages, players have to move their mouse cursor through a maze without touching any of the obstacles or walls.

Players who complete all levels successfully are rewarded with a surprise at the end.


 wood2 wood level6 beach2 beach

Download & System Requirements

Laby NG is available for Mac OS X (from 10.4.1), Windows (every version running JRE 1.4) and selected Linux distributions.

Laby NG 1.0 for Mac OS X
Laby NG 1.0 for Windows
Laby NG 1.0 as a Jar file (tested on Ubuntu Linux)

Please make sure your Java Runtime is up to date before playing. (Find it on java.com)



Ready for Adventure?

Buddytown.AT was a Flash-based social network and an online game which I wrote while attending high school. Players were able to solve quests, earn money, buy clothes and have their own flat or house. They were able to chat to other players in a variety of chat rooms and meet up at each others houses.

Due to its incompatibility with newer versions of Adobe Flash buddytown.at is no longer available.

I submitted buddytown.at to an Ars Technica youth competition after writing it and won an award at the time.


beta3 buddytown1 buddytown2

Collection of smaller university projects

You can find these on my YouTube channel.