If you are a Visual Studio Team Services user you will no doubt have seen the announcements around Azure DevOps.

I wanted to put a blog article out to document the largest changes.
What’s important to remember her is that “it is really just a rename”.

Below is a  summary of the changes along with some questions that people have been asking me since the announcement.

A quick summary of the major renames and design changes

  • “accounts” are now referred to as “organisations”
    • this change was live before the rename occured, but any reference to “VSTS accounts” has now been removed from the official documentation
  • “Build definitions” and “Release definitions” are now “pipelines”
    • again this started prior to the rebrand but is now consistent throughout
  • All Visual Studio branding has been removed from the product (apart from the marketplace which is still Visual Studio branded)
  • The different product areas have been turned into separate Azure features

    • Azure Boards (formerly Work)
    • Azure Repos (formerly Code)
    • Azure Pipelines (formerly Build & Release)
    • Azure Test Plans (formerly Test Manager)
    • Azure Artifacts (formerly Package Management)
  • “Azure DevOps” is the new name for the suite. Azure DevOps organisations will be accessible from devops.microsoft.com/{NameOfTheOrg} rather than {NameOfTheOrg}.visualstudio.com
    • Existing organisations work on both URL variants.
    • There is currently no timeframe for turning the *.visualstudio.com variant off
  • “Pipelines” is currently presented as a single product. This means that if you create an Azure DevOps organisation from the “pipelines” landing page, you will get an Azure DevOps organisation, where only pipelines are enabled in the starting project.
    • You can enable other features later.

There are some licencing changes that have now been implemented fully…

  • Customers building public repos in Azure Pipelines (for example: GitHub repos) will get 10 free concurrent CI/CD jobs for their entire Azure DevOps org
  • Customers who do not pay for concurrent CI/CD at all will now get 1800 free build/release minutes per month
    • If they do not qualify for the 10 concurrent jobs


Will VSTS URLs continue to work?

Yes. There are currently no plans to discontinue the visualstudio.com account URLs.


When will the changes come to TFS?

Most changes will be available in the next major release.


Will existing API scripts break?