You have landed on Daniel Stocker’s website. I am a Program Manager in the Microsoft Quantum Team.

I am the Program Manager for Customer Solutions. Looking after various customer projects as well as some areas of our upcoming quantum cloud service.

Why I do what I do…

In the future applying the properties of quantum physics to process information, where classical computers would require billions of years to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems, a quantum computer may find a solution in weeks, days, or hours.

In the Microsoft Quantum team we are building a new industry and a new suite of tools and products. We do so together with our customers and through taking a unique approach by building an inclusive and diverse ecosystem of quantum and classical optimization services that are accessible through the Azure cloud.

Impact today…

As the Customer Solutions PM for our program I look after customer projects where we are trying to show the current and potential future impact of quantum computing.
Today we use quantum inspired and physics inspired techniques to make this happen.
I also drive some of the work on our new cloud service.

And when I’m ‘offline’

In my spare time I enjoy cooking, going to the theatre and the occasional run. I am also a bit of a Nintendo fanboy, so try to clock up some hours on my various consoles when I can.

This website

This website is both a portfolio of past work and a blog. (with the blog largely being on ice right now as a lot of my work is confidential)
There is also a section about my previous work experience.

If you would like to get in touch with me, there are plenty of options available in the sidebar.