You have landed on Daniel Stocker’s website. I am a Application Development Manager at Microsoft.

I currently specialise in

  • Microsoft Azure Development
  • Developer Tools
    • Visual Studio
    • Team Services
    • Team Foundation Server
  • Application Lifecycle Management

Why I do what I do…

In my job, I have the opportunity to help my customers build great applications, improve their processes, and modernise their approach.

I believe that technology can be a massive enabler to success, but this success is only ever realised in the context of people.

Bringing people together, giving them the right tools, and helping them to generate great results is what drives me.

Here in the field…

I primarily work with large and medium sized businesses in the United Kingdom. My customers vary from large multi-national organisations to smaller development studios.

I work with traditional development teams, IT pros, and cross-functional teams, across a variety of sectors.

…and at home

In my spare time I enjoy cooking, going to the theatre and the occasional run. I am also a bit of a Nintendo fanboy, so try to clock up some hours on my various consoles when I can.

This website

I use this website as both a portfolio of work and a blog.
There is also a section about my previous work experience.

If you would like to get in touch with me, there are plenty of options available in the sidebar.